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air superiority strategy
Contested skies:  Our uncertain air superiority future

ISSN 2200-6648


In war, there’s a constant to and fro. At times defence dominates, at other times offence. Technologies arise and fall. Disruption rules. This is noticeably so in today’s arcane world of air superiority. 

Australia has committed to major air superiority investments, which makes them a good starting point to discuss the strategic impacts of known and emerging changes in the air superiority operational environment. Strategy, grand strategy and diplomatic strategy are important.  In this paper I use current air superiority force structure plans to develop three practical strategic options to address these changes.

Prototype Warfare and the Fourth Industr
Prototype warfare, innovation and the fourth industrial age

 ISBN: 9781925062328

The interweaving of the second and third industrial revolutions is creating a fourth industrial revolution that involves the continuous and cyclical flow of information and actions between the physical and digital worlds. This revolution can potentially create a hyper-connected defence-industry-research-academia ecosystem able to continually innovate, overturning many of our traditional conceptions of defence equipment manufacturing and long term support while confirming Alvin and Hedi Toffler’s claim that “the way we make war reflects the way we make wealth”.  The fourth industrial revolution creates the possibility of a future defence force structure that can rapidly evolve to meet emerging operational demands. The time lag between new challenges arising and technological responses to those challenges may drop dramatically. Continual innovation could become the dominant quality of future defence forces.

military strategy 101
Algorithmic Warfare: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Warfighting
ISBN: 978192562267

Artificial intelligence technologies will disrupt warfighters and warfighting, ushering in algorithmic warfare and irrevocably changing our operational art and the character of war. Intelligent machines are simultaneously powerful and brittle, brilliant and childlike, dazzling and incomprehensible. Their application to warfighting will need to be undertaken carefully, prudently and realistically. The age of algorithmic warfare has arrived. We need to get smarter—and quickly.

This book includes aspects related to strategy, military strategy, grand strategy, national security strategy and diplomatic strategy.

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Many relate to strategy, military strategy, grand strategy, national security strategy and diplomatic strategy.